Cornet Testimonials

"Having been devoted to the Sovereign 928 for many years, I consider the Smith Watkins Cornet the finest I have played to date. With it's choice of bore and leadpipes, this instrument will excel in any ensemble in which the Cornet can be found"

John Hudson - Conductor and Adjudicator, Royal Northern College of Music

"When I purchased a Smith-Waktins cornet, I really appreciated the free blowing, great projection and smooth valve action. The rich warm sound this instrument produces along with excellent intonation makes it a joy to play"

Trevor Bremner - Champion Cornetist, New Zealand

"This instrument felt comfortable and friendly from the first moment I played it. The sound is warm and easily controlled at all volumes and remarkably consistent in all registers. The horn is so even to blow and in tone quality that it is a constant pleasure to play"

Warren Vaché - Jazz Soloist, New York

"I am absolutely delighted with the purchase of my Smith-Watkins cornet 10 years ago. Ease of playing, an excellent valve action and first-class sound unite to make this a most remarkable cornet"

James Shepherd - Cornet and Trumpet Soloist

""Half our cornet section loves our Smith-Watkins horns. The other half of the section is jealous!" Bennett Konstans, David Letvin, Gary Wooley, Beth Cooper & Matt Goeke

Chicago Brass Band

"Most outstanding section - Smith-Watkins Cornets" 2013 Grade A Champions 'Band of the Year'

Wellington Band New Zealand

"I play a Smith-Watkins because it matches my ideas for sound. It blows really easily throughout the range and I love it!" Best soloist and principal cornet awards

Kirsty Abbots

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