• Pitch E-flat
  • Bore .460"
  • Choice of 5 interchangeable leadpipes
  • Shunts on 1st & 3rd slides
  • Optional 4th valve
  • Proven valve system as used on Smith-Watkins trumpets since 1984
  • Available in lacquer or silverplate


Choice of 5 interchangeable leadpipes. View leadpipe technical information. Enables you to match the leadpipe to the style of music and environment. Why choose leadpipe and bell?
Optional 4th Valve Lowers pitch by a perfect 4th giving a B-flat range.
Lightest valves available Quicker and more responsive action
Brass valve guides Positive location of valves preferred by professional players.
Phosphor bronze valve springs Corrosion resistant
Brass inner and outer slides Smoothest slide action
Water keys with synthetic seals For a perfect seal
Monel pistons Highly resistant to corrosion for a longer life

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