Trumpets - C


The C Trumpets have the following features:

  • Handmade to order and customised for each player
  • Choice of bores, bells and over 5 leadpipes
  • Over 500 acoustically different combinations
  • Additional variants with trim, finish and an optional security etch of the player's name or postcode, by arrangement
  • Interchangeable Leadpipes
  • Proven valve system, similar to that used on Smith-Watkins trumpets since 1984
  • Each instrument is acoustically tested for consistency in airflow and intonation


Choice of Bell bore and leadpipe. Select a Trumpet to suit your individual playing requirements. View Leadpipe and Bells article.
Choice of 5 tuneable interchangeable leadpipes. View leadpipes graph Enables you to match leadpipe to the style of music e.g. classical, studio, jazz.
Lightest valves available Quicker and more responsive action
Brass valve guides Positive location of valves preferred by professional players.
Phosphor bronze valve springs Corrosion resistant
Brass inner and outer slides Smoothest slide action
Water keys with synthetic seals For a perfect seal
Monel pistons Highly resistant to corrosion for a longer life

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