Trumpets - E-flat /D/C/B-flat
What I particularly like is the straightened leadpipe like that of a trumpet, as the air seems to travel more directly into the instrument (sounds obvious really!), which really helps above top C. However, this does mean that you have to play with a perfect posture to get the most out of it. The valves are absolutely fantastic, and the sound is warm, dark and sonorous throughout the register

Arfon Owen - Solo Horn, Grimethorpe Colliery Band

The Smith-Watkins tenor horn is easily the finest instrument I have played in its class. The action is superior and the tuning options are numerous, which was a big problem with other tenor horns I have performed with. I am able to tune those terrible low notes that we all struggle with....” “The greatest attribute is the response I get!!! I have no trouble at all playing very softly all the way through and as loud as humanly possible with relative ease!!! The horn will handle a tremendous amount of air without the tone spreading, where the others always had limits....” “Thank you for the outstanding horn!!!

Jimmy Dugan - 1st Tenor, Natural State Brass Band, USA

The addition of the Smith Watkins tenor has had a positive impact on our section. The power it provides really adds to the overall strength of the section. It blends well with the Yamahas and with 5 different leadpipes can adapt to different players and settings. As a brass instrument repairman I appreciate the attention to design and construction

Robert Herring - Solo Tenor, Natural State Brass Band, USA
Brass Technician, Independent Music Service


  • Pitch E-flat
  • Bore: 11.75mm (.470")
  • Bell Diameter: 203mm (7.99")
  • Choice of 5 straight interchangeable leadpipes
  • Length 525mm
  • Weight: 1.74kg
  • Top sprung Monel® pistons resist corrosion
  • Brass valve guides give positive valve action
  • Available with (Soloist) or without tuning shunt (Artiste)
Straight Leadpipes No tortuous bends in the most crucial part of the instrument
5 Interchangeable Leadpipes to choose from. View leadpipes graph. Gives a choice of musical qualities. View Leadpipe and Bells article.
Fine tuning shunt for all notes (soloist model only) With an independent main tuning slide, this shunt allows fine tuning with colleagues. No levers
Large bore (.470") More flexibility with intonation, tone and response
Redesigned tube layout Corrosion resistant

A Closer Look at the Valve Section



Fine Tuning Shunt (Soloist Model)



Clear Access to Valves


Review of Tenor Horns:

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