Trumpets Testimonials

"I have been playing the Smith-Watkins for 12 years which is the perfect choice for me. No other make of instrument can compete with this excellent versatile trumpet"

John Gracie - Principal Trumpet, Royal Scottish National Orchestra

"As a freelance trumpet player, I was looking for a trumpet that would lend itself to the many different musical roles I find myself in, be it in the studio or the concert hall. The Smith-Watkins Trumpet has wonderful intonation and is responsive in all registers. Its great projection enables me to produce a variety of tone, depending on whether I am required to blend in an orchestral setting, play solo trumpet, or lead in a big band"

Mike Lovatt - Freelance Player, London

"I have been playing a Smith-Watkins B-flat trumpet for several years now and it is the only instrument I have found that I can totally change the way it blows and sounds for specific repertoire by using different lead pipes and without affecting the intonation. I have a lead pipe for lead/pop (12), another for solos/quintet/chamber (32) and 2 others for orchestral use (34,36)"

Gareth Small - Principal trumpet, Hallé Orchestra

"I am very, very pleased with my new instrument! The sound is great, and I feel very comfortable playing it. So, thank you very much for your work!"

Henk Heijink - Metropole Orkest,Netherlands

"As Music Director and lead trumpet of the Big Apple Circus, I have played thousands of shows on my Smith-Watkins Trumpet. The sound and intonation are the best for this demanding situation. This instrument can handle both the soaring melodies and machine gun rhythms"

Rick Albani - Lead Trumpet, New York

"I have been playing a Smith-Watkins B♭ trumpet for over 10 years in the Hallé. The ease of playing, intonation and fabulous sound that the instrument helps me to produce have been invaluable! I can sing no higher praise!"

The Late John MacMurray - Principal Trumpet, Hallé Orchestra, Manchester

"It has the most even scale and best intonation of any 'C' trumpet I have tried"

Tony Ellisl - Pacific Symphony, USA

"...a beautifully clear sound and free blowing in all registers"

Allistair Roulston - Staartsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie, Germany

"...and, unusually for C trumpets, has superior intonation and even sound throughout the rang"

Peter Lawrence - Principal Trumpet, Hofer Symphoniker, Germany

"The 4 valved E-flat trumpet has been designed for players who need an instrument that sounds as big as a B flat or C trumpet for Orchestral/Chamber/Solo Repertoire.This trumpet is also the only instrument on the market that can also change into a D,C or B-flat trumpet! I do not leave the house without this instrument, it is so versatile!!!"

Gareth Small - Principal Trumpet, Hallé Orchestra

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