B-flat Cornet Leadpipes

B-flat Cornet Leadpipes

The cornet leadpipes are based on these three shapes. G2 is alightly larger than G0, G4 is larger than G2, etc.

G Series

G0 Smaller pipes for players who require a lighter sound with ease of playing.


G4 A larger pipe for the same ease of playing but with a fuller sound.

K Series

The K series gives the same ease of playing as the G series, but with a mellower sound. Due to their versatility these are a popular choice with Soloists and Tutti Cornet players.

K0 Smaller pipes for a lighter sound.

K2 A slightly larger pipe. A good all-round pipe, ideal for Soloists or Tutti players and suitable for use in ensembles of all sizes.

K4 A large pipe suitable for Soloists or Tutti players with good stamina.

T Series

These pipes give a dark round sound, particularly in the low register. These are ideal for Soloists.

T0 Slightly smaller than the T4. Popular pipes among Principal players.


T4  A large pipe for those players with smaller mouthpieces or who require a darker sound. Also useful for Lower Tutti players.

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Additional Notes

  • Playing can become harder/stuffy with an instrument combination which is too large or too small.
  • A large pipe often makes the sound darker; a smaller pipe can make the sound brighter.
  • Other pipes are available, but are only recommended after consultation.
  • Use these notes for guidance in conjunction with the published chart.
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